2018 Annual G&L Gaming and Hospitality Industry Awards

Platinum Award

Innovation Award: GLI
Transformation Award: Gaming Analytics
Partner Award: Playersoft

This was a milestone year for our industry’s Annual Gaming & Hospitality Awards. 2018 marks the 10th year the awards have been presented – each year recognizing the best technology products available in our combined industries. I remember in the early days the G&L Roundtable was referred to as the CIO Roundtable, because in addition to other CXO titles, it hosts more gaming CIOs in one private forum in North America than any other event of its kind. It was in that first decade of the Roundtable that the need for unbiased, customer created and judged awards were first conceptualized by the G&L Board and Roundtable Colleagues. The Gaming & Leisure organization brought these goals to life and has not only hosted the awards each year since, but has ensured these awards maintained the highest level of integrity by always being free-to-enter worldwide, and never “pay to play,” so that all companies could enter and be evaluated by their current and potential client base using the same sound and unbiased methodology. The original vision of encouraging and rewarding innovation and game-changing technology, along with high levels of customer service, is and continues to be at the forefront of the awards mission. These values are as important today as they were when they were first conceived for the past decade. The evaluation process starts with vendors completing the detailed entry packet for consideration of their products and services, and the G&L Board Members and Roundtable Colleagues review, judge and select the award recipients for the year. The G&L Board Members and Roundtable Colleagues are made up of operators who are industry innovators and thought leaders who purchase millions of dollars in IT products and services each year – collectively representing a vast majority of domestic gaming and hospitality technology spend. The award recipients are recognized annually at the G&L Roundtable Reception Awards Ceremony. The G&L Roundtable Reception is one of the most anticipated evenings of the year, where influential gaming and hospitality executives gather to partake in the red carpet festivities, unwind and socialize after spending the day collaborating and sharing best practices in the unique Roundtable format.

G&L Gaming and Hospitality Industry Award Judging Criteria


Given to the product and company that demonstrates the best original thinking in solving one or more business problems.


Given to the product and company that has most dramatically changed the gaming or hospitality industry’s technology landscape in the areas of interoperability or ease of maintenance.


Given to the company that best illustrates a granular understanding of the real problems facing their clients and has taken steps to demonstrate their offerings are the appropriate solutions for both today and tomorrow.


The Platinum recipient is the product and company that best exemplifies all of the individual categories.

G&L expresses its sincere appreciation to all entrants this year, and a hearty congratulations to this year’s recipients. Of course, the executives comprised within the G&L Board and Roundtable Colleagues also deserve thanks, as they are the ones who define the awards, create the rigorous award process, analyze the nominations and select the recipients. These judges are simply the top innovation leaders in our industry, which makes these awards the highest honor in our business and confirms that these award-winning companies provide the top products and services available to our industry this year.

Platinum Award

According to VizExplorer, a frequent award recipient, their Platinum Award winning product Golden Record:

“…gives casinos a virtual one card system, combining disparate data to deliver an accurate, complete picture of each customer’s total value based on their activity across the business.”

The Golden Record accurately links transactions made across the casino to patrons using sophisticated statistical matching techniques where a specific index such as a room number or player ID is not available. This allows a patron’s marketing profile to include more information than ever before.

The judges were particularly impressed because Golden Record solves the challenge of identifying patrons’ activity for non-traditionally linked transactions. This is an important augmentation to VizExplorer’s current analytics. The judges believe the value of having this new information will become apparent very soon.

Innovation Award

GLI’s Testing Automation product is targeted at gaming suppliers required to comply with regulatory standards. As a primary, official, testing laboratory for a variety of international regulatory agencies, GLI is well positioned to streamline the testing process for suppliers. They have created a flexible tool for testing gaming machines and systems that promises to significantly shorten this crucial process.

The judges noted that GLI’s Testing Automation utilizes current technology, continuous testing methodologies, and produces consistent, repeatable and verifiable results to assist in this tedious yet essential step in bringing new products to market.

Transformation Award

Gaming Analytics’ GamingAnalytics.AI product has great potential for transforming the industry. After collecting key patron transaction data, it uses natural language processing, artificial intelligence and machine learning to answer the questions, “What would you like to know about your casino today?” and “Who are my most valuable players?” Gaming Analytics decodes the question and answers it with charts, graphs and recommendations backed by solid analytics. The judges admired the way Gaming Analytics has applied modern data science techniques to the fundamental questions of the gaming industry.

Partner Award

Finally, Playersoft, which has received several past awards in various categories, was recognized for its Group Manager. Playersoft has become very adept at recognizing and filling gaps in a casino’s mainstream operational systems. This year’s entry, Group Manager, streamlines the handling of all categories of groups including bus groups, trade show groups and sales groups. Through their keen interfaces with the casino management systems, they simplify and accelerate all aspects of processing these groups that are often key revenue producers for their customers.

The judges immediately recognized Playersoft’s keen insight into the operational needs of their customers as well as their ability to clear operational bottleneck