In Spring this year, the VizExplorer executive team announced a strategic new investment by Morgan Stanley Expansion Capital. This new investment and long-term partnership will strengthen the company’s ability to execute on its growth strategy and accelerate its plans to bring new products to market quickly for the casino operators it serves. Under the leadership of a new Board of Directors, the team will continue to focus on delivering operational intelligence solutions that drive profitability in gaming and beyond. Read on for more highlights from the VizExplorer team.

OI Summit by VizExplorer

This past March, VizExplorer hosted its third annual OI Summit at the JW Marriott Las Vegas Resort & Spa. The event was a huge success, drawing more than 68 different companies, including 52 casino operators for a span of four days. During the first two days, VizExplorer customers attended two days of intense product training covering basic to advanced topics. The remaining day and a half was devoted to the conference portion of OI Summit, which opened with a rousing keynote address by William J. Paulos, Co-Founder and Owner of Engaged Nation and former Principal of Cannery Casino Resorts. With highly educational and engaging content spanning three tracks––Strategy and Technology, Marketing and Player Development, Gaming Operations, the agenda featured more than 50 speakers and truly delivered something for everyone in attendance. “We are really proud of how the OI Summit keeps on growing and look forward to continuing to provide value and thought leadership through our events and in all that we do to advance the gaming industry,” said VizExplorer Founder and CTO Andrew Cardno. If you missed the event, check out the recap video at

Golden Record for Casinos

As savvy marketers know, across the customer lifecycle there are opportunities to improve business performance by leveraging customer insights. VizExplorer helps casinos gain unified, accurate and complete customer records to enable better insights with the introduction of its Golden Record solution for casinos. Initially designed for a partnership with the NBA’s Milwaukee Bucks, the new Golden Record solution for casinos will help operators gain a unified view of their customers and improve the efficiency, performance and profitability of their sales and marketing efforts. Spanning multiple data sources and dimensions of the business, including gaming, hotel, spa, retail, food and beverage and more, the insights enable operators to understand the individual customer’s total value based on their spend and activity across gaming and non-gaming areas of the business. Two large tribes who are current VizExplorer customers will be among the first gaming operators to deploy the solution.

Next Generation Player Development

VizExplorer is pleased to introduce the newest hostViz™ and hostVizOps™—the best way to seamlessly integrate the player development function across an entire gaming organization. Built on VizExplorer version 10, hostViz has a brand new user interface on desktop and mobile, and comes with robust backend software updates that prioritize performance, mobility and ease of use. With the latest hostVizOps, hosts can expect new functionality that makes it possible to manage events and track attendance and performance, automatically submit a hotel reservation request for a VIP guest, and speed comp exception request and approvals––all from within the mobile app! Player Development professionals: learn more at

Who’s at the Table?

With the combined hardware/software table game optimization solution from VizExplorer and its partner ARB LABS, tableViz™ with ChipVue™ now enables casino operators to generate slot-like analytics from table games and accurately rate their table game players. By giving table game operators visibility into the performance of their table games, tableViz is making it possible to properly measure and optimize this poorly understood portion of the gaming floor in brand new ways. Need to know exactly how much is being wagered by your most valuable players? Want to know which dealer is best at selling side bets? Need a data-driven reinvestment strategy for table game players? Can you identify which games perform best on your gaming floor? Table game operators who have historically struggled to answer these questions are now looking to tableViz for help. Learn more at

VizExplorer is leading the industry in delivering the next generation of technology solutions to help operators take their analytics, efficiency and profitability to the next level. Please request a product demonstration at or meet up with the VizExplorer team at an upcoming casino industry conference or tradeshow.

What Will We Think of Next?

A look at how the Interactive Customer Experience has progressed over the last decade, from the first in-room touch solution to today’s innovative ambient technology.

A good slogan can define a brand for decades. “Just do it” (Nike®), “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” (Las Vegas Convention and Visitor’s Authority), and “Can you hear me now?” (Verizon Wireless) are just a few of my favorites. These marketing campaigns will stick with people for decades to come.

The Intelity slogan, “Your Complete Guest Service Platform,” may not be as catchy as Wendy’s® “Where’s the Beef?”, but it does resonate well with hoteliers, especially those looking to work with one vendor for all their technology needs. Hoteliers want a single source for guest-facing solutions, including mobile and web technologies that turn travelers’ personal devices into guest-service tools from anywhere in the world, and in-room innovations that not only enhance the stay experience, but drive revenues and boost satisfaction and loyalty.

Over the last 10 years, there have been several changes to the technology landscape, and Intelity has led the way in innovation throughout those years. When looking to invest in “new and cool” technology, hoteliers will be hard-pressed to find a solution as modular, flexible and adaptable as ICE – hospitality’s award-winning Interactive Customer Experience.

ICE entered the hospitality market in 2008 as a web solution. Heading into 2009, the industry was fraught with a lack of available financing, a wobbly economy and general financial uncertainty. ICE was developed as a revolutionary in-room web concierge and back-end monitoring system that would drive guest experience, service and personalization in the hotel and resort segments. It created a way to connect hoteliers with guests during their entire stay, and this real-time capture would equate to incremental revenue opportunities and staff efficiencies. Intelity entered into an agreement with the Eliot Hotel Boston, with its first installation to take place in 2009. This initial hotel rollout paved the way for many industry firsts to follow.

Here’s a look at just a few of our revolutionary accomplishments:

First In-Room Touch Technology – In 2009, the first ICEtouch in-room virtual concierge was installed. ICEtouch enabled guests to request hotel services without picking up a phone. Guests could make reservations at a spa or restaurant, arrange a taxi, request room service, rent equipment for meetings or make other special requests using an in-room computer. It featured a customizable branded interface; it offered non-invasive advertising to capture revenues; it could be integrated into a property’s point-of-sale and property-management systems; and, it could be used to coordinate on- and off-site amenities.

ICE claimed the 2009 Most Innovative Hospitality Technology Runner-up title by Hotel Technology Next Generation (HTNG). It was the highest placing guest service technology in the Innovation of The Year category. The next year, it took home the top honor as “Most Innovative Hospitality Technology of 2010.”

First Guest-Service Mobile Technology – In 2010, Intelity’s ICEmobile entered the market as the first customized application that transcended conventional informational tools to include full interactivity with all key areas of operation on and off the property. The tool enabled iPhone users to download the ICEmobile app before stepping foot on property. With the app, guests could enjoy the same functionality provided via ICEtouch without having to remain in their rooms or find a computer. ICEmobile for Android hit the market in 2011.

First In-Room Touch Tablet – The same year, Intelity unveiled ICEcanvas to coincide with Apple’s launch of the iPad. This tool enabled hoteliers to place in-room tablets at the bedside or at the desk to replace bulky in-room computers. Today, this product is known as ICEbedside, and it’s a popular solution of gaming establishments, including the Del Lago Resort & Casino in Waterloo, N.Y.; the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas; and the Grand Casino Hotel Resort in Shawnee, Okla.

First Interactive Guest Services on a TV – Also in 2010, Intelity brought ICE to the guestroom television. ICEtv transformed the television into a guest self-service system, helping hotels boost on-property revenues, lower operating costs and increase guest satisfaction. ICEtv is compatible with all hotel TV models, enabling hoteliers to leverage their investment in flat screen, HDTV technology for enhanced marketing and service offerings to their guests.

First Enterprise Mobile Application: Conrad Concierge – In 2012, Intelity partnered with Conrad Hotels & Resorts to develop the Conrad Concierge mobile enterprise platform. The app united all 23 of the brand’s hotels globally into a single user experience. The following year, Conrad Concierge earned the coveted Hospitality Technology Visionary Award.

First Multi-Tenant Solution Via Mobile – In 2014, Intelity became the first company to make hotel guest services available on guestroom tablets and on guests’ personal connected devices with ICE hosted on the MICROS Commerce Platform™ (MCP). With MCP, hotels can integrate with several select solutions through a single management module.

First to Offer Expanded Hotel Service Features on Apple Watch – In 2015, Intelity became the first solution provider to add operational features for hotel staff on the Apple Watch. ICE sends notifications about guest activity and requests directly to hotel management and staff on the Apple device.

First Tablet for the Full- and Limited-Service Hospitality Segments – In 2016, Intelity released a new touchscreen tablet developed through years of feedback from global clients. The tablet provided high-definition viewing of rich web and multimedia content with the 8-inch IPS 1280x800 display.

But Wait. There’s More

Last year, Intelity developed several new technologies for hoteliers and guests, including the Wrangler Mobile Device Manager that enables hoteliers to manage on-premise mobile devices and tablets used by guests and staff; a new Mercury messaging portal that enables guests to place requests with hotel staff via the messaging channel they choose, whether it be SMS text, or social media; MiKEY Mobile Check-in, Mobile Key and Mobile Check-out that integrates with Bluetooth Low Energy locks; and, ICE: Mobile Dining, a tool that provides an out-of-room dining experience for guests using their mobile device while they stay at the hotel.

Today, we are proud to announce that our ongoing development has earned Intelity the coveted title “Official Mobile and In-Room Technology Provider of the Forbes Travel Guide” in 2018. Intelity also was a semi-finalist in the HTNG TechOvation Awards program, with our newest solution, ICEvoice. Powered by Amazon’s Alexa, ICEvoice enables hotel guests to talk to their room with voice-activated commands. It also extends the power of voice command to the conference space.

As I reflect on the last decade, I recall a slogan from 1968 that sums up our journey: “You’ve Come a Long Way Baby” (Virginia Slims). Yes, we certainly have come a long way, and Intelity is still on the move. Since its inception, Intelity has established a global presence with implementations on six continents at more than 750 hotels. We have deployed 15+ brand applications with more than 150,000 guests worldwide using our mobile and in-room technology daily, and 4,000+ hotel employees are engaging with our platform. Our scalable, tested and secure cloud solution continues to win awards. And, we have developed more integrations with leading hospitality solutions providers than any other company.

Intelity, “Your Complete Guest Service Platform,” is celebrating 10 years of growth and success in hospitality. We couldn’t have done it without you.