About five years ago DIY marketing became trendy. And at the time, it made perfect sense because, “the Glengarry Glen Ross cold call strategy has long been defunct since the advent of voicemail coupled with vigilant pit bull EA’s,” and “why pay for advertising or direct mail when social and email are ‘free’?” Ironically a costly and not so happy ending resulted. Do-It-Yourself marketing, as it turned out, did in fact have costs for content, creative and execution and worse every decision maker’s social feed was littered with ads and their email inbox packed with them as well. When the phone rings off the hook you don’t keep answering it, you turn it off; and that’s exactly what happened.

All of the time and yes, money, spent on marketing was not even being seen by most as folks quickly started ‘unfriending’ and ‘unconnecting’ those ads in social and into the spam filter went all of those creative emails. Now just when remaining DIYer’s attempt to recalibrate their approach, Facebook goes and changes the algorithm for their newsfeed, making DIY marketing even more complicated!

What’s a well-intended DIY marketer to do? First, read Ann Nygren’s article on Facebook’s new algorithm to understand this change and second, consider G&L Social. G&L’s social network is comprised of thousands of industry-only execs who are there solely because of their interest in industry content and it is actually free to all annual G&L Business Partners. I say this humbly as this year we’ve welcomed several business partners who have shared their painful DIY story with us.

And since I’ve just made my first G&L shameless plug in 17 years, I’ll further that suggestion with, consider G&L in general during your next round of strategic planning. Gaming & Leisure is a unique organization and so is our media company. Our goal is the betterment of the industry in all we do and thus G&L provides high value in a variety of vehicles to the very folks most companies are looking to reach. For those still looking to reach the industry about their offerings in a meaningful and effective way, when you market with G&L, you’re marketing where they are already, and that’s a tough proposition to beat.

With that, and before I try to sell you a Ginsu knife set, we have another great edition on tap for you!

In Leadership John Filippe shares in Crossroads how to recognize when luck meets preparedness in one’s career path, and capitalize on it. Rick Arpin shares the Importance of a Company’s Vision and the non-obvious methods of truly instilling it in your corporate culture.

On technical protocols, Marlon Ortiz explains ISO 27000:2018, Larry Fretz gets granular into GDPR 2018 and the impact this will have on the U.S., and Matt Kelly delves into your supply chain explaining the inherent and unknown risk many of you may have predicated on your vendors’, not your, risk mitigation procedures.

To assist you in deciphering buzz phrases, hoteliers will learn in Digital Transformation of the Guest Journey this concept is more than a buzz phrase and how real digital transformation is quite different than most digital in play today. Speaking of buzz phrases, in Is Blockchain a Fit for Hospitality? we define what blockchain actually is and we scope the implications and impact of blockchain in our industry. In consumer technology Nate Rosenberg reveals with respect to 5G there is serious hype but the reality is actually years away and much more complicated.
End your gaming and hospitality journey with us this summer in the Asean Tigers with G&L’s International Editor Bill Healey who revisits this region and shares how this sector has progressed since his last visit in 2015.
As always, I hope you enjoy this edition and thanks for welcoming G&L into your home and office this summer.

Jeannie Caruso, CEO