Michael Day

Help yourself to greater success in 2018: Introducing TribalHub

We all want to succeed in our life and our career. However, the path to success is rarely straight, clear or easy to follow. My goal in this article is to share a bit of personal experience and information that I hope can help you along the journey to achieving at least some of the success you are wishing for in 2018.

Most of us entered 2018 with some feeling of promise, renewed vigor and personal goal setting. “I want to be happier.” “I want to lose weight.” “I want to spend more time with family.” “I want to stop procrastinating.” “I will exercise every day.” “I will stop smoking or drinking.” “I will become a better leader in my career.”

“I want to eat healthy and be healthier.”…and blah, blah, blah…Although well intentioned, we all know from prior experience that most of our personal goals prove to be unachievable, unsustainable and thus doomed to failure.

So, the obvious question is, “why do we so often fail at achieving our goals, resolutions and ultimately greater success?” Well, there have been innumerable books written on this exact subject, delivered by many experts, but in my own experience I have found that a significant part of the answer is not all that complicated. Let me save you months of reading with some simple and effective advice. Simply, if we don’t change some of our existing habits and practices, we leave little room and little chance for any of our new goals and resolutions to be realized. After all, it was our existing habits and practices that got all of us to precisely where we are now. If we want success and change, we absolutely need to evaluate, modify or eliminate the habits and time wasters that are currently blocking us from achieving our personal goals. How can you expect to meet any of your goals if you do not first modify your existing habits to create the time or environment necessary to achieve them?

I believe that focusing time and energy on eliminating or modifying your existing behaviors, habits or practices, in both your personal and work life, is THE key to success. Focusing your effort on eliminating the detrimental habits or practices that are unnecessarily consuming your time or blocking you from reaching a goal is far more effective than focusing on the goal itself. In my own career, I have found that delegating and/or partnering with organizations that provide specific cost-effective expertise or solutions is the key to creating the time and space to add and achieve new goals. You cannot put more water into a glass that is already overflowing.

In business, if you continue doing things exactly the same way you do them now, expect to see the same, or worse yet, slowly degrading results. Change and innovation is fast and furious in our digital and mobile world. We cannot slow that down or stop it, so we must have a strategy to handle it. There is a continual barrage of new products, innovations, services and risks that regularly challenge your skills and also the competitiveness of your business. It is stressful to keep up with change and the new demands it brings with it. Trying to figure it all out completely on your own is not realistic or achievable. To be successful in your career and business, you should be comfortable seeking help from resources or partners that can assist you in a manner that fits your organization’s needs, which will allow you to focus your own time on the core competencies that are most important to the organization. This is the part where you should see the similarity in successfully achieving your personal and career goals. In order to achieve greater career success and your career goals you MUST modify your existing work habits to create the time and/or environment necessary to achieve them.

So, after dedicating 30 years of my life working in operations and technology within both gaming and hospitality and Native American organizations, I wanted to build something new that could make a real difference and help organizations succeed. That brings me to a very brief introduction of TribalHub, and how it can potentially help you reach your goals. With a primary mission of assisting individuals and organizations along the path to greater success, we launched TribalHub in 2017. TribalHub was formed by a combination of the TribalNet team that brought 20 years of proven success in the industry and by individuals with more than 30 years of direct experience working for and with Native American organizations and gaming and hospitality enterprises. TribalHub truly is the culmination of years of experience and design in creating a better way to make success achievable and more accessible to more organizations.

In line with the theme of this article, a core foundation of TribalHub is the strong belief, proven through our own experience, that opportunity creates success and success creates more opportunity. We believe that success is something to be strived for and celebrated, not only in our own lives, but by each of us in our actions in assisting others within our sphere of influence. At TribalHub, this is a core mission and one that we have maintained from our long-standing roots, starting with TribalNet.

To achieve that mission, TribalHub has created four distinct operational divisions, each designed to provide and support a valuable and specific service.

So how does any of this help you to achieve your goals on the way to more success? From a career or business view, the answer is that TribalHub makes it easy for you to access products and services, at the most competitive cost, designed to help you eliminate many of the common roadblocks to greater success. Affordable training, knowledgeable services, unique products, better pricing and connecting you to the entire industry and community are just some of the ways TribalHub can help. Progress is made when we change our existing habit or process in order to implement something new and improved.

On a personal goal and success level, you need to do the same housekeeping of your existing habits to make room for your new goals and resolutions. I just went through this process myself, and as an example, I will share one habit that I changed that many of you can perhaps relate to. The habit I eliminated was the time I spent each day looking at or listening to any of the cable news stations or news internet sites. When I did a “personal inventory” of how I commonly spent my day, watching and/or listening to this nearly constant stream of mainly negative “news” stories and opinions was bringing me zero positive value. In fact, it was consuming about an hour of my time each day in total and resulting in only creating anger and annoyance that made me far less productive. Why had I started that unhealthy habit in the first place? I imagine that it just happened slowly over time until it seemed normal and comfortable to me. I am betting that you may find some similar habits if you take the time to really look at yourself and what you can and should modify or eliminate. Turns out that I don’t miss the news channels, and I am far happier and much better off without them. I have filled this “new time” with more positive and productive activities more focused on achieving my goals.

I wish everyone success in achieving their own goals this year. If you have already given up on some of those 2018 resolutions, perhaps you can reconsider and try some of the suggestions I have made. If you seek greater success in your career or business, don’t be afraid to consider making changes and look to partners and resources that can help you achieve your goals.

I will end with a quote from Jim Rohn that I think sums up the primary challenge we all face with goals and success: “If you really want to do something, you’ll find a way. If you don’t, you’ll find an excuse.”