Fall heralds in ‘busy season’ for all of us in the industry with G2E, the G&L Roundtable and TribalNet within 60 days. Many of you from around the world will view the unveiling of new technology, collaborate with colleagues and ultimately seek innovative inspiration to bring back home and budget for in the coming year- all in the continual pursuit of the next ‘new new’ to increase efficiencies, enhance revenue and or your customer experience.

Complementing this notion, innovation is the theme in this edition, and as Ann Nygren’s column Moore of Everything is On the Way aptly shares, by the time this edition releases, some of the innovation we share within may already be obsolete.

It does boggle my mind that each of us are living history in the Age of Innovation. Definitively the most epic chapter in the history of our species, as we leap frog far past anything millions of years of evolution would dictate we had the capacity for.

Although we are all living this history, it is the technology entrepreneurs, many of which are business partners that serve our industry, that are literally the ones making history. Our Company Spotlight, GHS, exemplifies history making innovation as they have been quietly setting the gold standard in loyalty for 25 years. In this feature, we learn about GHS and their product line, but we also receive a granular understanding of loyalty past, present and future.

We have another great edition on tap for you. Few things are more terrifying than the possibility of yet another active shooter. Chris Swanger in Active Shooter Detection provides important insight on newly available technology that may significantly thwart future attempts and or reduce critical reaction time in the event of an active shooter at our properties. Furthering security innovations in a never ending coding environment, Victor Barajas reminds us of the importance of having security in everything in Open Source Software and Marlon Ortiz wraps up security with important best practices in patch management for the endless Change Management processes that must follow boundless innovation within your organization.

Hoteliers will peruse new modern software solutions that enhance the customer experience without changing the underlying core solutions in BI and Machine Learning with Michael Caruso and F&B will rejoice to learn Where the Contemporary Diner and Technology Meet is where the revenue potential increases as we continue to work within the changing dynamics and needs of the new diner and dining experience.

Gaming enthusiasts will discover in Cashless Casino with Jason Stump that a digital wallet is not only possible, but probable in our casinos and get ready for a phenomenal granular analysis on sports wagering and the big challenges we can expect soon in Sports Wagering with Tom Doyle.

The amazing thought leader, Tammy Farley, ties innovation in gaming together in Technology for the New Global Gaming Landscape.

Quite apropos amidst the innovations in every segment of our industry, Dr. Mike Essig says Change the Name from IT to Technology as it should be reflected; however the name change is much more complicated than it appears.

Finish your gaming and hospitality journey with us this fall in Scandinavia, as G&L’s International Editor Bill Healey shares his interview with Jenny Nilzon, CEO of the Swedish National Gambling Association.

As always, I hope you enjoy this edition and thanks for welcoming G&L into your home and office this fall.

All the best,

Jeannie Caruso, CEO